Rapid charger/tidy your home/simple design

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Your home for convenient
living and charging
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Should be like this

A USB wall socket is almost identical to a normal power point socket. These power points with USB ports mean that our

devices no longer need the charger for their power, but can instead be plugged directly into the wall socket

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Quickly, simply and neatly

Declutter your home with in-built USB Wall Charger. The days of searching for the correct charger among a tangle of wires, are gone. Charge two devices simultaneously, quickly, simply and neatly

wall charger
USB wall charger
Charger Faster, Save Time

Energy efficient USB Wall Chargers provide a speedy charge

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Reliable and Safe

With inbuilt surge, current and over temperature protection, are safe alternative to bulky, third-party chargers

Wide Application

Applications Perfect for homes, schools, universities, hotel rooms, airports, office buildings, retail outlets and hospitals. USB charging modules can be

inserted into wall plates so they can be mounted alongside switches and dimmers, or next to bedside tables in the home or hotel room

More options

For different USB Port options on devices