Control the indoor temperature and test the indoor temperature

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Creative Design

Timeless and discreet design, which blends in with all environments and gives the possibility of recessed installation.

Weekly Program

The weekly programming can be set up for one cycle per day. The heating room temperature controller with six time periods and corresponding set temperature can be set every day, and the operation mode of manual control or time control can be selected.

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Precise temperature measurement

Use an external or an in-built temperature sensor. You can decide for yourself,where the measurement will be done. This way, you can avoid overheating or underheating. Because the temperature should be prefect where you are!

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Fits many frames

Thermostats can be mounted in many different types of frames and light switches, which makes system integration straightforward.

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Widely Application

The thermostats can be used to control either slow systems such as floor heating or faster systems such as electric radiators. Correct control gives a longer service life of the system and lower energy consumption.

Easy setup

Setting up the Thermostat does not require specialized tools and takes less than a minute. You can mount the device yourself or ask a professional installer

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More comfort

Our precise thermostats create an even temperature and good indoor environment. By limiting the temperature (min/max) of the floor heating, one has a pleasant floor temperature regardless of the season or selected room temperature.