single click
Left and right sliding plates to adjust the light and warm

The knob has an up and down motion

Multiple Radio Protocols option

You can always find the right one for your smart home

Discover more possibilities

Thanks to the compatible platform

A variety of operation

Suitable for all age groups of the family

  • Mechnisam operate

    This Smart+ dimmer allows you to operate as rotary or bell press

  • Voice control

    During daily activities or while relaxing, you can use voice to adjust lighting

  • App control

    Anytime, anywhere, control home light in your hands

Ease of Installation

The Smart+ Dimmer is designed in 2 wire electrical systems, Whether your

home is newly built or retrofitted, you can experience new smart technologies.

User Friendly Variable Resister

The minimum and maximum brightness setting of the dimmer can be adjusted to achieve the optimum dimming range for a

particular load. Box type has speed control additionally

* With Min. bright, to avoid the flickering at the min. level.

* With Max. bright, to avoid the flickering at the max. level.

* Dimming speed adjustment.

* With no neutral required.

* Zigbee 3.0 or Z-wave Plus 500.

* Max 200W LED load, can be customized to higher load.

Software Update

You can update your software to the latest version at any time. This way you can

experience new features without having to buy a new device

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