Smart LED Dimmer Z-Wave
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  • Remote (via smartphone or PC) and local on/off and dimming control for most of the dimmable bulbs
  • Does not require a neutral wire
  • Support SmartStart
  • Compatible with Frame like Busch Jaeger, Jung, Berker, Peha, Schneider, Elko (RS16, plus), etc.
  • Capable of measuring the power consumption of the connected device in real time via smartphone, which allows you to save on electricity bills
  • Features one of the easiest and quickest installations of devices of this kind, fits in standard 40mm deep switch box
  • Offer a extra port(terminal for external push switch)
  • Supports auto-inclusion mode for quick set up
  • Can automatically turn devices on and off after a set period (helpful when you’re away from home, for example)
  • Supports additional parameters for expert users, which allows advanced configuration
  • Acts as a signal repeater which improves the range and stability of your Z-Wave network
  • Can be used to remotely control and trigger other devices in your Z-Wave network
  • Trailing-edge dimmer, which means that is suitable for different types of the connected load
- Model Number: EU-P10
- Power Supply: 220-240V, 50Hz
- Min. Load: 8W (Without bypss)
                     3W (Bypass required)
- Max. Load:  
                Dimmable LEDs up to 200W
                Incandescent up to 300W
                Halogen up to 300W
- Dimming Technology: Trailing edge / phase / R,C
- Control Way: One way / Multiway (Only activate when the P port is connected to push switches)
- Connection terminal: Screw-in terminal, max 2.5mm2
- Connections: 2 x Line (looped internally)
                     1 x Dimmer output
                     1 x Push switches (For multiway dimming and on/off)
- Radio protocol: Z-Wave Plus 500 (EU 858.4MHz)
- Approvals: CE (Nemko)
                  Z-Wave Plus (Security S2)
- Dimension: 70.6*70.6*33mm (Suitbable for 4cm deep box)
- Weight: 53.66g (Without Coverplate)



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